Careers Cincinnati Success Stories

"The theory I learn in the classroom can be very different than how development works in real life, and so this internship has helped fill in those gaps. I also love Cincinnati and am very passionate about my hometown, so I was very happy to be home working here this summer. It has been incredible to be with an organization that works every day to improve the city and its neighborhoods. I have also made a lot of new connections with people throughout the field because of this internship."
— Matthew Heldman, Emory University; Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority (Port Authority) Intern


"Careers Cincinnati provided me with a plethora of professionalism techniques and networking that led to a successful internship in the great city of Cincinnati. It allowed me to flourish and apply my analytical skills in the business world."
— Cody Phillips, Miami University; Macy’s Intern


"Careers Cincinnati is an awesome organization. It helped me find a professional experience that taught me a lot about what I want in a future career."
— Edward Rivin, University of Cincinnati; Standard Textile Intern