Onward Israel Frequently Asked Questions

Will I find an internship in my field?
We try our best to match you with an internship in your field. We have a team of placement coordinators in Israel who will work with you and present your resume to potential employers in Israel.  In addition, you will be working with a career coach at JVS Careers to support you through the process.


Where will I live?
You will live in Tel Aviv, in a central and convenient location.


Who will my roommates be?
You will get to request roommates and we will try to meet your requests. If you don’t have any requests, then we will match you with someone who has a similar personality/interests.


How will we get around the city?
You will receive a free bus pass upon arrival in Israel.


Is it safe in Israel?
Onward Israel follows all safety protocols and works in collaboration with the authorities in Israel and in accordance with real time safety updates. If an area is deemed unsafe, we will change the itinerary.


How much will this program cost?
Eligible students receive a $5,000 Cincy Journeys grant which covers the following expenses: participation fee, airfare, housing, health insurance, transportation, and a daily stipend of $15. Participants will be required to submit a refundable security and participation deposit upon acceptance to the program. We recommend that you bring additional funds for food and personal expenses, see below. 


How much money do we have to bring for the summer?
We recommend bringing $300 to $600 per month for personal expenses and food, depending on the lifestyle you wish to have.


If I have been on Birthright, can I participate in Onward Israel?
Yes, we encourage you to participate in birthright as well


What are the program requirements?
Onward Israel is open to Jewish Cincinnati's young adults, ages 19-26, who have previously traveled to Israel and are current undergrad or grad student (or graduated in the past year), originally from Cincinnati.

Have additional questions? Please contact:


Irina Kleinerman

CPRW, Talent Acquisition Specialist, and Onward Israel Program Manager