Spotlight On 2018 Workum Interns: Siena, Frannie, Emily, Rachel

Workum, a program supported by Cincy Internships, places Cincinnati Area college students in an internship within the Cincinnati Jewish Communal Agencies. These motivated individuals embrace their career-related experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Meet a few of the 2018 Workum interns.  

Name: Siena Greenwell

University: George Washington University

Major: International Affairs Minor: Peace Studies

Year: Sophomore

Internship Placement: American Jewish Archives

Favorite part of job: I love examining all of the different documents, because so much history is embedded in each photo, letter, document, etc. For example, yesterday I read about the correspondence between a World War II Military Chaplin and Doctor Prinz.

Goals for internship: Besides learning about the archives and American Jewish history I want to hone in on my research practice, my writing and my analytical skills.

Animal Icon: sloth


Name: Frannie Levy

University: Franklin & Marshall College

Year: Sophomore

Major: English Literature Minor: Anthropology

Internship Placement: The Jewish Foundation

Favorite part of job: I utilized a Cincy Journeys travel grant, funded by The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, administered by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati to travel to Israel in high school, and interning with The Jewish Foundation feels like a way of giving back. Channeling my energy into facilitating equal opportunities for growth and experience within the communities has been eye-opening and fulfilling. I’m learning how The Foundation provides grants and the ins and outs of their operations.

Goals for internship: Gaining useful work experience, connecting with the greater Cincinnati community and the Jewish community and learning from coworkers.

Animal Icon: Flamingo because they look graceful, but flamingos can be clumsy.

Name: Emily Glazer

University: University of Cincinnati

Year: Junior

Major: Social Work Minor: Sociology

Internship placement: Jewish Family Services

Favorite Part of job: I love experiencing the day-to-day life of a social worker and seeing that we have an impact on other people’s lives with our direct interaction.

Goal for internship: I hope to learn more about other people and clients. I know that I want to be a social worker, but I am not sure what area I want to specialize in. This internship provides me with applicable experience that I can reflect upon to see if working with the geriatric population is for me.

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Name: Rachel Rothstein

University: The Ohio State University

Year: Junior

Major: Communications Minor: Psychology

Internship Placement: the Jewish Federation -- CYJL and YAD

Favorite Part of job: I really enjoy the people I work with. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming! 

Goals for internship: I'm really just trying to be a sponge, and learn everything I can while I'm here. This is a great experience to help me discover the kinds of things I am interested in within the communication field.  I think my biggest take away from the internship will be experiencing  what it's like to work in the real world, not just on a college campus.

Animal Icon: Hmm, I don't know but I took a quiz online and it says I'm a bear. 


*All photos by Julia Mattis


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