Spotlight On: Workum Interns Caroline, Ben, Ashley

Now, more than ever before college students will bend over backwards to get an internship. In fact, internships have become competitive enough that some companies have created full-time positions dedicated to recruiting interns. The internship position is crucial, because recent graduates looking for full-time employment need more than just stellar grade point average, they need real-world experience.

Internships provide students the opportunity to "test drive" a career, establish relationships, network and gain a real-world perspective; however, some employers do not have the budget to pay these interns. Such employers may offer class credit in exchange for the experience, but for many students this is not a realistic option. Summer is a crucial time to save money for the expenses that come along with college; therefore, this poses a real problem. How is one supposed to save money and market themselves to future employers?

Luckily, Workum relieves this stress, by providing college students with an opportunity-rich summer internship. Read on to see how some of the Workum interns gain real-life experience.

Name: Caroline Abel

University: The Ohio State University

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing Minor: Fashion and Retail and Communication Technology

Internship placement: JVS Career Services

Favorite part of job: I enjoy meeting all new people and building connections.

Goals for internship: I am interested in the behind the scenes work. I want to learn more about how businesses are run and the different opportunities that are available in the Jewish community.

Animal Icon: Dolphin

Name: Ben Ruskin

University: The Ohio State University

Year: Sophomore

Major: Moving Image Production Minor: Film Studies

Internship placement: Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)

Favorite part of job: I enjoy talking with people who have different viewpoints than I and learning about different perspectives in the community.

Goals for internship: I study film and television and editing video is important, so my goals include enhancing my editing and video skills. I also hope to expand my network by making connections with my colleagues.

Animal Icon: Lion, because sometimes my hair looks like a lion’s mane.

Name: Ashley Schlaeger

University: The Ohio State University

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing Minor: Leadership Studies

Internship placement: Adath Israel Congregation-Marketing division

Favorite part of job: I love the fact that I get to know a variety of different people. What’s cool about the Cincinnati Kosher BBQ event is that there are so many different parts of it, and I get to see how everyone’s combined efforts work together to make something come together. It’s a team effort.

Goals for internship: Judaism and Marketing are two of my passions, and this internship provides me with the opportunity to see how these worlds work together. I want to learn more about event planning, and ultimately, I want to gain experience that will help me land a future job.

Animal Icon: Dog, because I have a lot of energy and I like learning new things.



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