Workum Internships Frequently Asked Questions


Is it acceptable to seek/apply for opportunities to learn new applicable skills and knowledge or do I need to have met all the requirements of the role to be considered?

The role can be customized to the talent and professional development sought by the student. You do not have to meet all requirements in order to apply or to be accepted. Workum supervisors understand that this is a learning opportunity for the intern.


Will there be a mentoring or supervisor partnered with me throughout the internship?

Yes, there is a supervisor partnered with each Workum intern. JVS Careers Career Coaches are available for mentoring and other partnering as needed.


Are the hours of work fixed or flexible?

Yes, the Workum schedule can be flexed as determined by the intern and their supervisor. 


What are the services that JVS Careers provides to students and is there a cost?

JVS Careers provides help with resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills preparation and practice, professional portfolio advisement, and LinkedIn coaching, and it’s all free!


How can I prepare with JVS if I am at school and not local?

Virtually through Zoom.


Are these paid Internships?

Yes, most internships are paid, but JVS will also assist with finding experiential learning that is unpaid.


Does JVSC just service students for summer internships or do you provide services year round?

We service year round internship and Co-op needs in addition to summer intership programs. Onward and Workum are summer only.


Is Co-op Assistance provided by JVS?

Yes, coaching services are provided for any experiential learning opportunity.