Workum Internship Summer 2022

Geneological Research Assistant

Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati (JCGC) is seeking a detail-oriented, self-directed intern to assist the organization in several projects related to genealogy research, historic preservation, and data management. The internship will focus on one or more of the following projects:


  1. Expanding the research capabilities of our online genealogy resources through reviewing archival records and doing independent research that may include research at the American Jewish Archives, County Clerk Offices, and at the Public Library, as well as meeting with local community members willing to provide family tree information and documentation.
  2. Working with JCGC’s Database, making genealogical connections digitally between generations.  Work may involve walking through the cemeteries and using a tablet to log photographs, GPS coordinates, and key information about monuments, many of historic and artistic significance, and their repair needs. This may also include transcribing and scanning primary documents, as well as proofreading for data entry accuracy. 
  3. Scanning and uploading primary documents to support genealogical research findings.


Education Major/Career Interests:

  • We are open to a variety of majors and career interests, including Judaic Studies, History, Genealogy, Historic Preservation, and Information Sciences/Data Management


Recommended Skills:

Strong research and writing skills; attention to detail highly recommended.  



Candidates with insatiable curiosity about history, genealogy, and the local community will do well in this position.  They should be proficient in research skills, having experience with internet sources as well as primary sources.  Knowledge of Hebrew or German is a plus, but is not required.  Some familiarity with basic database systems would be helpful, but also not required. A high attention to detail is strongly preferred

About Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati


Since 1821, some 26 Jewish cemeteries have been formed in the Greater Cincinnati area. Recognizing that many of the originating congregations had ceased to exist, similar problems faced all the cemeteries, and that the leadership base was aging, a small group of community leaders embarked on a multi-year project to address these issues. Ultimately, 24 of these cemeteries determined that it was in their mutual best interest to create a new, merged organization, which would assume responsibility for the perpetual care of the existing cemeteries and the creation of such new cemeteries as will be necessary to serve the Jewish community’s future needs, as well as to promote and preserve the history of community members and our rich collective history, and serve as a research resource. JCGC began operations in 2008, with initial funding provided by existing endowments from the merged cemeteries, a grant from The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, a Friends campaign, and an ongoing endowment fundraising campaign. With this funding and future funding, JCGC will be able to make needed repairs in the existing cemeteries and provide for ongoing and future needs for the entire Jewish community of Greater Cincinnati.

Mission Statement:

JCGC serves the burial needs of the Greater Cincinnati Jewish community with care and dignity and honors the resting places of our people.


Vision Statement:

JCGC will serve and engage our entire Jewish community and preserve the history and memory of our people, while maintaining financial stability.


Core Values:

Service: JCGC provides quality service with dignity and compassion in the fulfillment of its sacred duty.


Sustainability: JCGC stewards all resources in a way that sustains our cemeteries.


Diversity: JCGC respects the diverse traditions of the Jewish community it serves and is committed to collaborative decision making.


Heritage: JCGC preserves and shares the Jewish community’s history enshrined in our cemeteries.


Integrity: JCGC acts ethically and respectfully toward its staff, volunteers and the public.