Workum Internship Summer 2019

JCRC Workum Intern

We plan to curate the following as it relates to our intern’s specific interests, capabilities and goals for the summer. Thus, what is below is purposefully broad, though still accurate to the general duties of our interns.



  • Conduct research as necessary on current events and other topics.
  • Monitor relevant Cincinnati community issues as they progress.
  • Assist in the research and development of JCRC’s immigration task force
  • Participate in meetings and conference calls and take thorough notes on what was accomplished and learned.
  • Research and put together case studies of how other JCRC’s tell their stories.
  • Locate and pull pictures of JCRC’s history at the American Jewish Archives for Annual Meeting.



  • Review Jewish and non-Jewish media to locate relevant articles and pieces of news to support the work of the JCRC. In some cases, synthesize and report on these to the JCRC staff.
  • Support the creation and development of the Israel Update, our weekly e-newsletter that informs the Jewish and broader community about Israel.
  • Assist in the content creation and maintenance of the JCRC Facebook Page.


JCRC Website and Materials

  • Help update our website and our informational materials.



  • Help plan, execute and staff our events as they come up including the Annual Meeting.



  • Help the JCRC to maintain an up-to-date database and make contact with various constituency representatives as necessary toward this goal.
  • Other projects and tasks may come up unexpectedly depending on current events.
  • Help prepare for JCRC board onboarding.


Community Relations

  • Participate in community events as a representative of the JCRC.


Reflections and Learnings

  • Develop an informational deliverable about the Jewish Community to be distributed to the interfaith community.
  • Assist in civic engagement strategy development.
  • Assist the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati with their social media and other projects TBD.


Education Major/Career Interests:

Past interns have demonstrated knowledge and interests in the following fields: International Relations; Political Science; Media Relations; Community Engagement; Business; Jewish-Faith Studies; Interfaith; Current Issues; Government Affairs; Israel & the conflict.


Recommended Skills:

We’re open to a variety of skill sets though interested candidates should have broad skills in: Social Media management; Microsoft outlook; Word, PowerPoint and Excel and Comfort in meeting new people and a willingness to learn. 

About the Jewish Community Relations Council of Cincinnati

The Jewish Community Reltations Council (JCRC) is the non-partisan, public affairs arm of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. Our mission is to protect Jewish security, recognizing that Jewish security depends on a just society for all. To achieve its mission, the JCRC works locally on a variety of issues concentrating its efforts in the areas of relationship building and government affairs, Israel education, and combating antisemitism and hate. Additionally, we work in interfaith, civic engagement and advocacy spaces.


The Jewish Community Relations Council of Cincinnati was born to protect the Jewish community from the wave of anti-Semitism during the 1930s. A small group of Jewish leaders began to meet informally to devise methods to combat the threats of Nazism and Fascism against the Jewish community and American democracy. After realizing that a professional effort was necessary, they officially formed the Public Relations Committee (today’s JCRC) in 1939.


The JCRC board developed a set of values that help guide us in determining what issues to engage in on behalf of the community. These values include importance of mutual understanding and respect, the moral imperative of protecting religious liberty, the necessity of education and knowledge, the value of compassion for the vulnerable and bereft, the fairness of just and peaceful resolution of disputes, and the centrality of Israel to the security and fulfillment of the Jewish people.