Workum Internship Summer 2022

Research Associate


Ohr Torah Cincinnati has a collection of important historic Jewish artifacts, mostly from Cincinnati’s Jewish past.  OTC is planning on publishing a guide to its historic Judaica collection.  However, OTC needs assistance in cataloging the collection as well as researching certain items in the collection as well as the Jewish organizations they originally came from.


This position would include cataloging and research work.  One of OTC’s staff has extensive experience in collections work and will work directly with whoever is in this position.  


Recommended Skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Works well with others
  • positive attitude
  • Interest in Jewish history

About Ohr Torah Cincinnati


Ohr Torah Cincinnati (“OTC”) is in its 6th year of operations as one of Cincinnati’s premier Jewish Day Schools.  Since opening its doors in 2015 with 13 students, OTC has experienced exciting and explosive growth and is currently serving 102 students ranging in age from 18 months old through 8th grade! 


At OTC we believe that Jewish education is the key to the future of the Jewish community, both as a Jewish people and for each individual Jew.


OTC is developing and implementing an exciting new model of education that is fundamentally transforming how Jewish education is delivered both in the Jewish day school setting and in Jewish Sunday / Hebrew Schools.  The goals of this educational model are to educate the students to be excited about life, to be excited about being Jewish, to be excited to be life-long learners, to believe that each individual has the capacity to change the world for the better, to be adept at collaboration, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and to be highly flexible in their approach to problem solving.